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Current KU faculty, staff and students can purchase this software for their personal computers through KU's Microsoft Campus Agreement. More information about Outlook The ideal email client for you is dependent upon the processor and Mac OS 10 version on your computer. Getting Ready to Use Outlook Make sure your computer meets the installation requirements Purchase Office see instructions for purchasing Microsoft products. Like Microsoft Word , Excel , and other Office apps, Outlook has unique keyboard shortcuts so you don't have to waste time moving your mouse around or drilling down through menus.

14 Essential Microsoft Outlook 2010 Tips for Beginners

Learn the ones you use most and you'll speed through your Outlook tasks. MakeUseOf has a handy Outlook keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet you can download or print out. Among the most useful:. Take advantage of Outlook's Quick Steps. For those unfamiliar, Quick Steps is the killer feature Microsoft introduced with Outlook They're shortcuts to any multi-step action you can think of, such as moving emails to a specific folder and marking them as read or forwarding an email to your team and flagging it at the same time. tutorial - Outlook for Mac 2011 Power Shortcuts—Four keyboard shortcuts for organizing

It makes short work of repetitive tasks, and you can create your own Quick Step actions. Create a new item from your clipboard.

Top Reasons to Rebuild Outlook Database Mac 2016, 2011

Hat tip to fellow Lifehacker Walter Glenn for this tip and others in this piece :. Copy any text to your clipboard, then in Outlook press Ctrl-V. Outlook creates a new message or note or whatever item, depending on the folder you're viewing with the text already pasted.

Outlook on Mac freezes and stops receiving email

So instead of creating a new item in Outlook, and then copying and pasting text in, you do both in one step. Even though Gmail and other webmail services are quite capable, Outlook is no slouch when it comes to sorting, filtering, categorizing, and otherwise wrangling your inbox to your needs. Limit desktop notifications to only the most important emails.

It's terribly distracting to constantly be told "you've got mail!

Outlook for Mac Training and Tutorials

In Outlook, set desktop notifications only for those VIP messages. Canadian legal magazine Slaw offers a detailed tutorial for how to do this, but, essentially, first you'll turn off all desktop alerts under the Mail Options, then create an Outlook rule to display alerts for messages from specific people sent only to you. For example:. Flag messages—fast.

With a message or two selected, jut hit the insert key to toggle the flag on or mark it done. Get emails that aren't sent directly to you out of your inbox.

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One of the best tips is to use a special "Inbox — CC" folder to gather all the emails that aren't sent directly to you; that way, the inbox is focused on only the most important emails. The new GDPR is coming into effect in May - not long left to ensure your organisation is compliant.

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