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But even before that, when he finally put out a visual for the title track of my favorite project of his, it was a throwback to what he came from. Same set, same setup and, of course, the actual receipts for his love for music.

Mac Miller: grizzled determination made troubled star a rap icon

After the true glo up, everything was different. It was a clear struggle that played out in the media and internet, and the battle was understandable. What do you do when everything you thought you wanted to achieve actually works?

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Mac laid his troubles bare, almost to a troubling degree. In a Fader documentary called Stopped Making Excuses , we see it right in front of us, as clear as day.

27 Fun And Interesting Facts About Mac Miller

Miller talks extremely frankly about his relationship with drugs. Just sitting there by myself all the time. It becomes toxic.

It started by me just sitting inside all day. Then you get bored. Because, like, you try a drug, you like it, then you can buy a lot of it, you know?

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I went through about everything. The film then cuts to a video, from a source not entirely clear, of the musician sitting in a bathtub fully clothed, which in itself is short of alarming for a quirkster but definitely informative to his state of mind. Wearing sunglasses indoors, he says matter-of-factly:.

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  • 2. Over the Summer Miller Said His Loved Ones Were Supporting Him Through His Addiction Struggles!

Look at me. Not on drugs.

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Drugs are on me. All right? That was a f—ing quote. Is it a cry for help, an honest assessment or just a bugged-out reality that he felt the need to document? His drug use is something he acknowledges that pushed him to make more music, perhaps to either run away or speak directly to his demons. One scene in particular, though, is harrowing. Sitting in the studio with French Montana, the rapper appears to indulge in a massive dose of lean, to the point that it surprises Montana. The exchange is alarming. Not many people know that.

The Best Mac Miller Music Videos

Not many rappers have any idea. And if they do, and make it, good for them, honestly. Action Bronson basically stopped rapping. Eminem retreated to the hills of Detroit. I ran into G-Eazy the other day on a red carpet, and his public love life was clearly affecting him.

Mac Miller – Facts, Bio, Family, Life, Updates | Sticky Facts

Mac did drugs. And that s— sucked.

Mac Miller- 92 Till Infinity (Full Mixtape)

When he wrapped his car around a pole recently, it was a serious setback. Why is he driving cars at all? Why is he leaving scenes? How scared must he have been? It was a long way from smoking weed with Snoop on the internet.

Everything Mac Miller Has Said About Drug Abuse, Depression and Death

Twenty-six years old. Everyone who knew him called him a good person, with a kind soul. In that, he succeeded. People had some absolutely hilarious responses to it! Mac sure treated his fans well and did not shy away from addressing their issues. Mac, why didn't you pick the correct shirt yesterday, then?

He did share Instagram stories with his fans, the day he left us. He could be amazing muse! That's Mac posing for New York mag! Despite being under the influence of heavy substance abuse, he had been a cordial being with his fans and friends, unlike other rappers. He loved to interact with his fans on Twitter.

But, we needed to be lucky and quick 'nuff to catch him. He treated himself well, but alas, only sometimes! Mac Miller listened to more music than he let out. That's how he had grown!