How to print wirelessly from mac laptop

The Connect to Server dialog appears. A dialogue will appear asking if you would like to install PCClient into the applications folder, select Yes. PaperCut will begin to install automatically into your Applications folder.

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This will take a few moments and unfortunately there is no progress bar. You'll know the software has finished installing when a "P" appears in your toolbar. Once installed, you can open PaperCut either from the "P" in the toolbar or directly from the PCClient application in your Applications folder. PaperCut will open with a login screen.

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Your PaperCut credentials are the same as your MyAccess credentials. Use your MyAccess credentials to log in. Check to save credentials if you wish to skip the login prompt when opening it again. Login using your MyAccess credentials.

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After the driver is installed, select System Preferences from the Apple menu. The System Preferences window appears.

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Right-click an empty area next to the toolbar title Add. A popup menu appears.

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Select Customize Toolbar…. Drag the Advanced toolbar item into the toolbar then click Done. Select the Advanced toolbar item, then select Windows printer via spoolss from the Type picklist.

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Each time before you print, open PaperCut. Printing will not work if PaperCut is not running. Select Drivers for OS Deployment.

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There are two wireless printing options for Mac users, using web release through MyPrintCenter using your web browser or by installing the Mac Printer Package through TigerWare. If you receive Errors or have trouble, see Printing Problems. Please use a different web browser. Mac packages are currently unavailable. Report any issues to the Help Desk - helpdesk lsu. Browse Expand Navbar. Paths to this article. Wireless: Printing from a Laptop Mac. Favorite Article Print Article. NOTE : print.