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Have you verified that it is not in there already, if you did the default install?

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Awhile back, I needed to run an RSA cryptography simulator worksheet that stated to require that toolpak, only to discover that Excel as installed by default already incorporated the needed functionality. I suggest you post yoru question on Microsoft's own forums for their Mac producdts, as it's their software you're having issues with:. Apr 11, AM in response to taylorfromqc In response to taylorfromqc. No can do. The correct solution has been indicated by wjosten.

Apr 11, AM.

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I have followed the directions it says online. Forums Software Mac Apps. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Dec 8, 71 0 Toronto, Canada. Are you kidding me?!

Installing the Statistics Toolpak (Data Analysis Toolpak) in Excel 2016 for Mac

There are absolutely no add-ins for Excel for mac! I really need the data analysis toolpak for school and work.

To use Analysis ToolPak 1 Select the Data tab at the top of the Excel screen On

Does anybody know if it's possible to download this toolpak from somewhere and install it? I've tried looking and have come up with nothing so far. Aug 6, 9, 1. Jun 2, 1. Haven't used , so I can't help you with getting that thing running, but I might be able to help you find some free software that does the same thing, depending on what functions you use. Incidentally, I stopped using analysis toolpack in Excel after it gave me the wrong answer a few times. Seems there are some bugs that cause random arithmetic errors to crop up in excel's math engine.

Don't know if is affected by this or not, since it's so new. Oct 28, 3 0 Copenhagen. I had the same surprise! As well as I have understood the add-ins are based on Visual Basic code and since Microsoft has stopped development of VB in office08 these functions have been dropped.

Load the Analysis ToolPak in Excel

Hmmm, just for descriptive stats, it's probably a bit pricey to get a real stats package. You can try R, which is free - the learning curve is steep, but there are lots of web sites devoted to how to accomplish things and the manual is very good. Why would Microsoft keep that in the list if there's no support for it?

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