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In addition, Linux Mint offers very good built-in solutions for backup, kernel management, archives and update management. And not to forget, there is a huge community of benevolent Linux connoisseurs available to support novice users in their questions and problems. Cinnamon 4. Together with additional small but effective improvements Cinnamon should feel much snappier than before and indeed, my first hours of working with the pre release confirms that it is noticeable snappier than the previous release.

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That is a kind of mind blowing. See below his first impressions on Linux Mint My compliments to the team to achieve these kinds of performance boosts for an already snappy operating system.

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Further there are improvements in the application menu, like speed, recognition of duplicate apps and better visual communication about these differences, like differentiation between Gedit and Xed versions, or between standard repository based versions or Flatpak versions or Snap based versions. Nemo In the Nemo file manager you can now pin specific files that you use on a frequent basis or when you just need a speedy way to find them in case of need.

Pinned items will be presented always above the folders in a folder and file list overview for your convenience. Kernel Management Linux Mint already had some good kernel management functionality in the most recent releases, but in Linux Mint Further you can remove non required kernel versions in batch instead of one by one, blacklist specific versions and you can have automatic maintenance on your kernels, like automatic removal of kernels you no longer need.

Update Manager Some UI and non-UI related changes and improvements can be mentioned here, like automatically refreshing updates when the APT cache is changed, automatic updates in real time of info dialog, you will get a warning 90 days before your version of Linux Mint reaches end of life and improvement notification when a new version of the manager itself is available.

Boot Repair A convenient boot repair option and front end has been added so most boot configuration issues should be fixable with the help of the boot repair screen. Look and Feel The Mint-Y theme has been improved in contrast and sharpness for a more pleasant visual experience. Visual changes can be found for the title bar, menu bar, header bar, toolbars and progress bars. Further, like with every new Linux Mint release, new backgrounds have been added to background selector.

Linux mint: Make your linux mint 18 just like Mac Os X 10

I am sure you will find something for your liking. Downloading Linux Mint is incredibly easy. For those who are already familiar with the download process, just go to the download page via the following button:. If you are new in the Linux world, some more information can be handy. I assume that you want to use the most recent version, Linux Mint To do this, follow these steps:.

On this page you see 6 variants that you can choose from, namely 3 different types of desktop environments and a bit and bit version for each desktop type. My personal choice has always been Cinnamon bit.

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Cinnamon is the flagship desktop environment of Linux Mint. That was it. As I already wrote an extensive instruction in the past on how to create a bootable Linux Mint USB drive, I am not going to repeat myself here, but just point you to the different chapters of my Linux Mint beginner course. Here you should find enough information to create the required usb drive.

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One of the many incredible features of most Linux distributions is the ability to boot a distribution directly from the USB stick you created, without the need to install Linux and affecting your hard drive and the current operating system on it. It is not necessary to perform a complete installation to first use or try out Linux. I previously wrote two articles on how to use Linux Mint without installing it on your harddrive. Now that you tried Linux Mint I previously wrote an article on how to use Linux Mint without installing it on your harddrive.

Ubuntu Mac Theme: A Tutorial to Make Your Ubuntu Look Like Mac OS

Note: Perhaps an unnecessary warning for you, but for those who are not yet familiar with installing a new operating system, please do not forget to make backups of your precious photos and other files first. It is also possible to do an upgrade from an existing Linux Mint 19 or Linux Mint Upgrade instructions will always be published a bit later, but mostly on the same day, after the release of the stable version of Linux Mint.

The same is for Linux Mint Keep in mind that you can only upgrade to Linux Mint If you are new to Linux use home directory encryption instead you can select it later during the installation. If another operating system is present on the computer, the installer shows you an option to install Linux Mint alongside it.

If you choose this option, the installer automatically resizes your existing operating system, makes room and installs Linux Mint beside it. A boot menu is set up to choose between the two operating systems each time you start your computer. If you want to manage the partitions or specify which partitions to use, select Something else.

The Linux Mint operating system without additional software or personal data takes roughly 15GB, so give this partition a decent size GB or more. It is the most popular Linux filesystem.

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Also create a swap partition. This partition is used for hibernation and as a safety buffer in case your computer runs out of RAM.

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Give this partition a size equal to the amount of RAM in your computer. It is only used locally, in the screensaver and on the login screen. Your username is what you log in as, and your hostname is the name of your computer on the network. To protect your personal data against local attacks people around you, or in case your computer gets stolen , tick Encrypt my home folder.