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As Macs move from the home office to the living room, people increasingly want to connect their computers to their TVs and AV gear—setting up a Mac mini-based media center , for example.

Connect your Mini DisplayPort Mac to your HDTV | Macworld

But video has been more challenging. Then along came DisplayPort , an interface standard that offers digital video and audio connections between computers, monitors, and home theater equipment.

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With these connectors and the appropriate adapter, you can easily deliver digital video and, with some adapters, digital audio as well from your Mac to your AV gear. Specifically, some adapters, such as Dr. You have to provide your own audio cable and connect it to your AV gear to have sound play through that gear. Video-only is common with less expensive cables.

Help with Mac mini HDMI audio - Denon receiver conflict!! HELP!

To configure audio for these two adapters so that it flow through the adapter to your connected gear, open the Sound system preference and select USB Sound Device in the Output tab. When you plug in this Toslink cable, the Output tab of the Sound system preference reads Digital Out. Not all cables support audio over the Mini DisplayPort connection, so make sure to check before buying an adapter if you have one of these newer Macs.

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Jul 17, AM in response to magill11 In response to magill I have never heard of a projector that supports surround sound. Secondly, the AV Receiver may well have multiple HDMI inputs and other connectors allowing multiple devices to 'share' the projector, e.

In general an AV Receiver is likely to have far more connectors than a projector. So clearly connecting the Mac mini to the AV Receiver rather than directly to the projector is a sensible scenario. Now with regards to resolving the problem. The standard behaviour of the Mac is that if it is not connected to a live display it 'turns off' the video signal and video chip in the Mac.

The reasoning being that if there is no display why waste energy and time sending a signal that is not going to be received by anything.

Mac Mini 2010 and HDMI problems

Apart from the fact that this means if you are still running software on the Mac mini and access it via Screen Sharing you will typically find the resolution drops to a lower size, it also means any video processing then has to be done by the CPU rather than the GPU and this actually includes the Screen Sharing video itself as well so Screen Sharing is then slower.

It also means that audio reverts to going to the built-in sound output usually the built-in speaker but possibly the mini-jack connector if a cable is connected.

Guide To Using Your Mac As an HTPC (Home Theater PC)

This is because remember the HDMI port has been turned off due to not detecting a signal from the display. Now in theory when the display reappears you would expect it to switch back to it. Unfortunately this is not the case especially for the audio. Even if your lucky and the video does resume going to the HDMI port. By far the best solution I have come across unfortunately requires spending some money to buy a device which will trick the Mac in to thinking the display is always connected and turned on even if it is not.

How to Connect Your Computer to Your Stereo - Crutchfield Video

While your description implies the projector is not detecting the Mac it might equally be the Mac did not detect the projector and hence is not sending a signal the projector can detect either. Regardless this solution will also eliminate any delays caused by the Mac mini and projector having to renegotiate the resolution.

How to Get Surround Sound From Your Mac

Jul 17, AM. I fully understand why the OP wishes to connect via his receiver however because it simply will not work I opted to not go into a long winded explanation. The bottom line is if he wants to use his Denon along he will need an AppleTV in order to get the surround sound he wishes. Question: Q: Mac mini hooked up thru denon receiver More Less.

Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: magill11 magill Question: Q: Question: Q: Mac mini hooked up thru denon receiver I have a mac mini that has the hdmi port.